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Veldeman Structure Solutions, based in Bree, Belgium, is one of the main players in terms of the development, production, sale and rental of aluminium and steel structures worldwide. Sport halls are one possible application for these temporary and (semi-)permanent structures. Worldwide Veldeman has already built more than 400 sports buildings and this for various sports: football, tennis, horseback riding, winter sports, water sports and multi sports.

If your local authority or sports club needs a new sports building, go for Veldeman and contact our sports team. Our experts will be pleased to give you more information and support. We design and build a high-quality solution to fit your specific needs, taking full account of safety, local bylaws and the environment.

Veldeman offers you:
• 40 years of experience and satisfied customers worldwide
• bespoke solutions for all kinds of sports and weather
• professional tailor-made design, complying with local structural codes and sport govering body requirements
• craftsmanship and top quality
• great value for money – easily half the cost of conventional buildings
• a range of finance options
• short delivery times
• sustainable solution without maintenance costs
• environment-aware choice of materials


Why a Veldeman hall is the best choice:

Hall sides can be readily removed thus creating a semi open atmosphere in summer whilst protecting against glare, rain and overheating

Effective insulation

Translucent roof and upper walls leads to great glare free light quality and keeps energy bills low

Rapid construction over new or existing facilities, without or with limited foundations - easily dismantled if required

Exceptional stability in accordance with local bylaws.


The success story of Veldeman Structure Solutions begins in 1970 as a small family business in Bree, Belgium. Founder Georges Veldeman, surrounded by an enthusiastic team of employees, developed the company into a worldwide leader in the manufacture and installation of fabric structures. These structures are offered for sale or hire and with frames of either aluminium or steel. A key stage in Veldeman’s evolution was the acquisition of USA based Universal Fabric Structures in 2004 – Veldeman thus became a major force in the USA and Canada. Today Veldeman Structure Solutions is active in more than 30 countries.

In-house expertise

In the production of top-quality products Veldeman makes use of the latest state of the art technologies. The company has a high-tech research and development department, an in-house fabric department and a metal department. Besides its own sales team, Veldeman has a global network of distributors and agents.

Multifunctional structures

Veldeman offers solutions for a variety of different sectors, including industry, logistics, environment, sports, civil aviation and defence.

Quality, safety and a full range of services

Besides delivering top-quality products, service, innovation and flexibility are central at Veldeman. Particular importance is attached to safety: the structures satisfy the most up to date international standards.


Sustainable business is also an absolute priority for Veldeman. By paying attention to environmental, social and economic aspects the company aims to guarantee it’s growth, cost-effectiveness and continuity and, at the same time, to minimize it’s ecological footprint.


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Veldeman Structure Solutions

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